Event-related potentials & eye-tracking

To study the relation between age-related cognitive decline and language processing abilities, I use event-related potentials (ERPs) and eye-tracking. The ERP technique measures people’s electrophysiological brain activation pattern while reading or listening to sentences. Based on the latency and amplitude of the different ERP components, we can draw inferences about the processes involved in the processing of language. An advantage of using online research techniques in addition to behavioral methods is that the temporal precision of the ERP and eye-tracking methodology allows us to get insight in the processes that take place while people process language, instead of only reflecting the end result of the process. Moreover, electrophysiological brain activation patterns, as well as eye movements are uncontrolled responses, which means that these measures can increase our understanding of natural language processing.

2017-05-09 14.50.22 EEG practicum 2017-05-09 15.23.07 EEG practicum 2017-05-16 14.32.56 EEG practicum 2017-10-25 14.30.46 EEG sessie NIC